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MailNinja is the UK’s #1 email marketing specialists and MailChimp partners. For 12+ years we’ve helped 300+ clients achieve powerful results through email marketing.

Trusted by over 300 companies worldwide

From startups to FTSE 500 companies, we’ve been leveraging the power of email marketing to gain powerful results for over 10 years.

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Flexible services, designed around you

Full-Service Packages

If you don’t have the time, resource or expertise in house to create and send your own email marketing campaigns, then this is the right solution for you,

Mentoring Programs

If you are looking for a team of email marketing experts to work with your team to increase results, subscriber engagement or sales conversions, then look no further.

Training & Consultancy

If you’re looking for some advice on strategy and best practice, or need some MailChimp usage training, then we can come and spend a day with you to help.

Email Template Design

If you want to create and send your own emails, but simply need a great looking email template to use for your ongoing email campaigns, then we can create one for you.

email marketing services uk - mailchimp

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email marketing services uk - mailchimp

A friendly UK team, with 12+ years experience

From our offices in Swindon, we work with clients all over the world, in many different sectors. Give us a call on 01793 677 511.

email marketing services uk - mailchimp

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