Focus on Your Business, MailNinja® Has Your Email Marketing Covered.

Using our proprietary tools, agile strategy and over 13 years of hands-on experience, MailNinja® are leading a paradigm shift in email marketing.

Trusted by 300+ of the world’s leading national and international brands.

Integrated Solutions, Designed to Fit Around Your Business Needs


Our Success Team will work with you to craft and implement an effective strategy for your email marketing program.


Our Creative Studio will design awesome templates, banners, graphics and icons for your next email campaign.


Our team of email developers use the latest coding standards to ensure your email works across all major email clients and devices.


Our Success Team will maximise the potential impact of your email campaigns by conducting multivariable split testing.


Our Success Team will generate custom reports, analyse the results and spot trends, then feed this back to you in a clear, jargon-free way.

Free Resources From the MailNinja Team


Download the MailNinja Services Brochure

Request a copy of our key services brochure, along with some examples of our work. If you have questions feel free to contact us any time.

Download the E-commerce Email Marketing Guide

Learn why email marketing and e-commerce are best friends and how we can help you with your regular campaigns and trigger programmes.

Download the MailNinja Strategy Guide

Our proven 7-step process model is our tried and tested formula for success. You can tap into our expertise by downloading your free copy.

We Work with Your Existing Marketing Stack

MailNinja® are platform-neutral, meaning we work on a wide variety of email, e-commerce and technology platforms. Our flexible services are designed to uniquely fit you and the tools you already use.

MailNinja is the UK’s premier email marketing agency.

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