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Hello, we’re MailNinja, we specialise in email marketing. We work with brands of all shapes and sizes to develop their email program and get results.

Our teams are on hand to provide a flexible, reliable service you wish you discovered earlier.

Email is still the fastest growing digital marketing channel.

Email is still the fastest growing digital marketing channel.

Here’s 5 reasons why we love email …

It’s low cost and generates a high ROI

Distribute targeted, personalised messages at scale

You reach people directly – no clutter or noise

It’s super effective at driving conversions and hitting goals

You can track everything and get insights like no other channel

We get it. You’re super-busy. You’ve got deadlines to meet, people to manage, meetings to attend. In your endless list of stuff to do, email seems to get pushed further down the page…

The problem

The itch, is that email can be a highly effective marketing channel, but you need the following people…

Email is a highly effective marketing channel, but so many people get it wrong. The challenge with email is that it balances between technology, creative design and marketing.

The solution

What if we could take the stress away?

Fortunately, MailNinja has a highly-skilled team with over 13 years of hands-on experience and expertise in each of these areas, and you can get access to our team, on demand.

We work with companies of all sizes to help shape their email program, decide on the key factors for success, and create a clear achievable path to get there.

We aren’t software, we are service

Let’s face it – you don’t just need software, you need strategy AND execution.

We work on YOUR chosen email software, with YOUR internal teams and YOUR other outsource agencies, to create a plan that works for YOU.

Here are just some of the email platforms and software we know and love

Email service clients - success stories and case studies

Collaboration is the key to success. Let’s begin our journey together!

To talk all things email give us a call on 01793 677 511 or email hello@mailninja.co.uk

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