The MailNinja 7-Step Success Strategy For Sending Lead Generating Email Campaigns

The secret sauce that makes us stand above the rest

Over the past 10 years we’ve perfected our proven email strategy to create eye-catching and effective email campaigns that deliver results.

Our highly skilled team and our fluid, lean processes help us reduce lead times and deliver a world-class service with high-impact results. Our outcome-focused strategy means we always start with the end in mind, and tailor your campaigns around tangible, solid goals.

Our strategy, coupled with our expert knowledge, help increase impact in the following key areas:



Conversion rates


Customer insights

Here’s the secret sauce… Shhh…

MailNinja 7-Step Success Strategy
success strategy

1 – Work around an outcome

What’s the purpose of sending this email campaign? Is it increased sales, web traffic or social engagement…? We work with you to determine a single achievable goal for each and every campaign.

2 – Pick a niche topic

We then help tailor your content around a single subject matter to encourage sustained readability and click-throughs. This means bringing all of the pieces together to sing from the same hymn sheet – from your email imagery and copy to your landing / capture pages.

7 success strategy
success strategy in email marketing

3 – Write compelling content

Understanding your target market, our NLP experts can align your copy so it speaks directly to your audience using influential language and key phrases.

4 – Add clear calls to action (CTA)

Different people respond to different things, therefore we create multiple variations of each call to action to encourage click throughs to your website.

email marketing success strategy
email success strategy

5 – Write short, relevant subject lines

Your subject line is your primary method of affecting and increasing open rates, therefore split test 2 or more variants of your subject lines to determine which performs best before sending to your entire list.

6 – Send to a list segment

Did you know that sending to a segment can get 50% more email opens! We look at sending different targeted messages to different sections of your email list. Examples of this would be gender, location or preferences.

success strategy in email marketing

7 – Send at a peak time

Ignore ‘expert’ best practice – every business, industry and subscriber list is different, instead analyse past campaign stats to determine sending hotspots for your campaigns.

A small highly-skilled team of experts – on-demand

success strategy from the email experts

MailNinja understands that email is about engagement, and we also understand that there are a few simple key metrics that define the success of an email campaign.

Our agency services are designed and tailored specifically to enhance your customer lifecycle marketing through creating and sending effective email campaigns. At MailNinja, we deliver strategies relevant to your target audience by analysing historic data built up over 10 years in the industry as well as reviewing your current and past data to track trends in customer engagement. Our single core mission is a focus on achieving your desired results.

With MailNinja, you have at your disposal a rich diversity of experience and capabilities in email marketing communications. Since 2005 we’ve been working with businesses of all over the world providing industry leading services by creating effective campaign lifecycle solutions and data analysis strategies.

Outcome focused

We believe the way to maximise the value of your marketing is to have a clear picture of what’s possible and how to get there. We start with four key elements that we believe drive the highest impact and ROI: diagnosing areas for market opportunities, defining a clear picture of marketing objectives, developing impactful creative solutions, and developing a roadmap to achieve your objectives.