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Offering full service solution for Asset Folio.

MailNinja have been helping Asset Folio transform their email marketing for over a year.


AssetFolio is a large property and investment brokerage company who came to us looking for a managed email marketing service. The guys at AssetFolio were extremely busy and simply did not have the time to manage any of their weekly email campaigns.


We started by creating two brand new, fully responsive templates in which they could use for their weekly campaigns, one of the templates being a newsletter including a blog, focusing more on engagement and interaction with their subscribers. The other being a more sales/enquiry driven template, focusing more on some of the fantastic properties they have to offer.


Once the templates were created, we then switched focus to the current state of the client’s data/subscriber list(s). We cleansed all the available data ensuring that any inactive subscribers were removed from the lists, lowering risk of bounces or spam reports.


We still have a great on-going relationship with AssetFolio and continue to manage the majority of their email marketing; sending three email campaigns a week and providing them with monthly, in-depth reports.

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