Bonus material: The MailNinja email marketing jargon buster

If you are a new business then do not overlook the importance of having a well-stocked and influential email list. Social media is always important for helping to grow your business and to help spread the news of what you do, but your email list is equally important, as the people and organisations in it will help to feed your social media channels, plus they will be your major consumers. You need to grow this list quickly, but how do you go about this? Below we share four email list growth hacks.

Content needs to encourage sharing

One major way that you can grow your email list is by encouraging the people on your current list to share what you do via email. They are, after all, your biggest supporters and will shout the loudest. Just be sure to make it easy for them by providing a button that they can simply click to forward on that email for you.

Make it easier to sign up

Your website needs to provide a clear and simple way for everyone to be able to sign up to your email list. If it’s not obvious or seems too complicated, then people simply won’t sign up. Choose the page with the most visitors and place the email sign up box in the most prominent place.

Use the power of Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook and we all love to receive free stuff, so combine these two to help grow your email list. Create a post stating that all new subscribers will receive a free gift, such as a coupon code or free ebook and watch that list grow.

Provide online courses and webinars

When it comes to email marketing, providing a short free webinar in an email is a good way to keep customers and to attract new customers. Offer information and advice about your service and brand that is of importance. It will be memorable and more likely to be shared.

If you need help in growing your email list and would benefit from general email marketing advice, then we can help you. We provide a range of email marketing services within the UK for Mailchimp users. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you then please do get in touch with us today.