Struggling to think of new and exciting ways to draw people into reading your emails? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 e-mail marketing trends that proved to be effective in 2019 to spark your creativity.

1. Sticking with large hero images

Traditional e-mail marketing has tended to have a central hero image at the top of the e-mail and it seems this isn’t about to go away. People are captivated by this first image, so it’s important you select the perfect one. But don’t go off-brand! If using stock imagery, remember to keep in line with your brand’s theme, message and identity.

2. Spell it out with outlines

Consumers love to click on products that are outlined, typography, buttons, important messages – you can bet that readers are likely to be clicking on anything that is outlined.

Outlining is an easy way of visually drawing in consumers to focus on the important things. It’s no surprise seeing as though for years we have been taught to ‘sign on the line,’ or ‘tick the appropriate box.’ We love to be told where to go!

3. Symmetry is here to stay

A trend that’s here to stay – in 2019, we’ve seen that symmetry is still an essential requirement for any email. Consumers tend to have an easier time reading emails with evenly distributed content between the left and right borders of the email.

4. Go beyond the borders

Speaking of borders, in 2019, consumers have been inundated with large images that look as though they’re going beyond the borders of the email and beyond what the viewer can see.

This effect is created by showing just part of an image, text or design elements, while the rest of the contents are left out of the composition and out of sight. The intention? To leave the reader wanting to see more and clicking through to your site!

5. Typography: The bigger, the better

As marketers have been searching for new ways to capture the reader’s attention, 2019 has seen a huge spike in large typography requests. With big lettering at the start of an e-mail, as a marketer, you know that it is almost impossible for the reader to ignore your message.

But keep it short – people don’t want to read streams of text. Select a short and catchy phrase, choose a large font that stands out against your hero image and it’s sure to pop! For more guidance contact MailNinja, we are offer exceptional email marketing services.

Photo: Trends by hahn.elizabeth34 licensed under Creative commons 4