Bonus material: The future of email [PDF]

by Justin Khoo

Founder of Campaign Workhub, blogger at FreshInbox

With Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants supporting the reading of email content, it will only be a matter of time email clients start innovating in the user experience of the presentation of email content through audio. One of the innovations that I see happening is the ability to play specialized audio files when an email is read by a voice assistant. Right now, voice assistants read back email content by parsing bits and pieces of text within an email, often not coherently.

Imagine the ability to send content that is specially tagged for voice assistants. When a recipient asks the voice assistant to read an email, instead of a monotonous voice reading the email, a human voice of a professional actor comes alive excitedly going over the latest new arrivals and instead of the voice assistant butchering of the brand of a sender by mispronouncing it, an audio file plays back the name of the brand along with a distinctly memorable jingle.

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