At first glance, it can seem that buying a mailing list packed with email addresses is the best solution for fast and comprehensive marketing reach. After all, you can pay a moderate sum and immediately receive a long list of email addresses that someone else has painstakingly harvested, immediately opening up your pool of potential customers.

Not so fast

While it is true that the costs are moderate, and the results are instantaneous, they are not accurate results. For example, if you curate your mailing list, building up a careful list of people who have used your products and services before and therefore are likely to use them again, your email marketing services success rate is likely to be exponentially higher than your bought list of unverified email addresses. Let us see why this is the case.

Invalid emails

You may end up with a list that is predominantly unused or throwaway email addresses that the owners no longer use, or use simply for junk mail, deleting much of it. Curating the list yourself means that you are more likely to receive a genuine email, because you will be offering them something that they are interested in or that they need: your online brochure, or newsletter with unique discounts and deals, for example.


The days of needing to know everything have passed now – there is just too much information out there – and people will readily unsubscribe from email lists that do not offer them any value, such as offers for products and services they might never use. If you have been given an email address for sales purposes, but keep your customers and potential customers amused, engaged or entertained, you are more likely to remain on their contacts list


Privacy protection is big these days, with laws like GDPR going into force all over Europe and other places. These laws are designed to protect end-users from harassment and having their details sold, and when you buy lists you may well be purchasing lists that have not been honestly acquired. Instead, ensure that you have the consent of every person that you email to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

If this all sounds discouraging and as though it will take too much of your already precious time, you do not have to do all the work yourself. An email marketing agency, such as Mailchimp Services, can do all the legwork for you, working on your behalf to build a quality list of email subscribers who will receive your email offers happily and be more inclined to drive up your click-through rate!