Bonus material: 683 copy/paste email subject lines [swipe files]

Stumped? We’ve all been there. What do I write?

Logically, you need to think of this stuff BEFORE you’ve created your email. The subject line needs to be your call-to-arms, your dangling carrot for someone to open your email. In future, work in this order:

  1. Why am I sending this email?
  2. Who am I sending it to?
  3. What’s the copy, title, CTA and subject lines
  4. Create email, check, test
  5. Send

If you get stuck, check out the below formula for some winning subject lines:

  1. Stop {Undesirable Emotion} Now
  2. {Desirable Outcome} (Your First 3 Steps)
  3. New {Thing}: What It Means For {Audience’s Role}
  4. What {Credible Influencers} Are Saying About {Topic}
  5. {Someone Audience Looks Up To} Can Afford Any {Product}, She Uses…
  6. Best {Emoji} + {Emoji} + {Emoji} = {Emoji}
  7. {Topic}, {Topic}, and {Seemingly Unrelated Topic}?
  8. {Personalised Company Name} + 497% More {Need} = {Emoji}
  9. {Emoji} Your {Emoji} With…
  10. {Personalised Name}, Earn {Something Desirable} Today Only
  11. You’re Missing Out On {Something Desirable}
  12. Tonight Only: A {Audience’s Role}’s Dream
  13. Want 587% More {Something Desirable}? {Emoji}
  14. This Is A Sales Email {Emoji}
  15. Don’t Forget! {Event} Today {Emoji}
  16. …When You’re Sick And Tired Of {Something Undesirable} {Emoji}
  17. “{Quote}”
  18. A {Topic} Process To Reduce 30-50% Workload {Emoji}
  19. {Topic} + {Topic} + {Topic}
  20. “I Love {Something Undesirable}!” (said no one ever)


Ref: Campaign Monitor