Email marketers are expensive. Super expensive. But research shows that email is still the preferred channel for 60% of people to receive updates and promotional material from companies they are interested in doing business with.

So, what do you do? Email marketing is a space you need to be in to reach today’s online audience. The immediate reaction is to hire an email marketing professional to take care of this important communication channel for your business.

But do you really need to recruit for this role? What if there was an easier, more cost-efficient way to manage your email marketing strategy without the hassle of writing job specifications or interviewing unsuitable candidates?

It’s also worth considering that it’s not just a marketer you need to recruit. Whilst email marketing professionals are masters of their game, you will also need a graphic designer, an HTML coder, a copywriter and experts in deliverability and data analysis to develop a successful email strategy. Many businesses do not have the budget to recruit a whole email marketing team, but this doesn’t mean you have to abandon email marketing as a viable channel for promoting your products or services.

If you’ve never considered working with a full-service email marketing agency, then it’s time to think again. You’ll benefit from having a team of marketing professionals at your fingertips who can assist with all aspects of your email campaign, from writing killer subject lines that get you noticed, through to analysing the open rates, click-through rates and providing recommendations to improve your results.

If you need help to succeed with your email marketing programme, without hiring costly resources, then speak to our team of professionals who will ensure you get the most from your marketing.

MailNinja has been working with companies of all sizes for over fourteen years to tailor their email marketing objectives to define the key factors for success. Our professional team work on your Mailchimp account with your internal teams to design a strategy for increased engagement via your email marketing channel. Contact MailNinja today to discuss a plan and budget that works for your business.