Bonus material: List of 628 SPAM trigger word [swipe file]

Most ESPs will have an abuse prevention system, Mailchimp have Omnivore, which scans your list for people who could potentially be a high-risk to their delivery system. Most of these systems are very secretive for good reason, as they are designed to prevent abuse, and if they published exactly how the system works, then spammers will find a workaround an abuse the system.

In the future, partly down to GDPR and other measures, ESPs will introduce further checks, likely behind the scenes like Omnivore, to prevent any bad addresses from entering their gates. Such checks could include more wide spread and global access to blacklists and anti-spam lists, domain validation (how long a domain has been live or registered for) as well as cross-user data lookups to detect bounced or bad addresses that already exist in other lists.

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