Email marketing automation is a vital part of building a profitable email list, regardless of your industry.

Whilst email automation may be tricky to understand and wrap your head around, this article will cover the most important points, as well as general guidance.

How does email automation work?

When an event or occasion occurs, an email will automatically be sent out to your mailing list. The email will be sent from your chosen email marketing tool or from your chosen marketing automation tool. With that taken into consideration, the relevance and timing of your email are very important. By judging the actions people make on your website, and with smart automation, you can send the right email to the right person at the right time. This then makes the content of that email relevant to them, and thereby, they are more likely to interact.

What triggers automation?

Automation can be triggered by an array of different activities, such as emailing after someone signs up to your mailing list, when a user visits your website on a frequent basis, and so on. If a customer has provided an email address during the sale process, emails can also be sent to inform a customer if they abandon their cart, urging them to possibly reconsider.

Email marketing tools

Email marketing services are more popular than ever, but there is a difference in what is available out there. Email automation tools can provide analytics and manage marketing campaigns across a number of platforms; emailing marketing tools are used for sending regular emails such as newsletters.

Building an email automation sequence

To first begin building an email automation sequence, start by analysing the types of customers you have had in the past and identifying their interests and personality. You can then move on to conduct some research into the issues your customers face when using your services. Use the information you have collected from your research to create a buzz around that topic, offering guides and solutions to the issue via opt-in emails.

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