Email is the most common method of communication for many people. Based on research gathered by ConstantContact, professionals dedicate an average of 13 hours each week towards checking their inboxes and 68% of smartphone users use their devices for checking emails. Getting the right tone in your copy is essential to ensure the success of your campaigns, read on to find out how.

A strong subject line

When we see an email in our inbox, the subject line is going to be one of the key indicators as to whether we read it or ignore it altogether. Try to keep your subject line between six to ten words. Short and sweet is how you will entice readers, especially if they are reading off a small mobile screen. Be sure to include adverbs in the subject line to create a sense of urgency and implore readers to act quickly.

Be careful in your choice of language

Be specific in how you write your copy. You may be writing for an audience familiar with your industry, but that does not mean the email should be full of industry jargon. You need to deliver a clear message that readers will act on, which risks being diluted or misunderstood if you use unclear terminology. Also, when writing copy, make sure to use the expressions ‘you’ and ‘your’, so that the readers know the copy is focused on them. If you can, try to personalise the email so that people will know it was meant for them specifically and not just some mass boilerplate.

Include numbers

It isn’t always a numbers game, but rather than tell people they should invest their time – and possibly, money – in you, demonstrate how they can benefit like many others before them. You can do so with the inclusion of a statistic taken from previous clientele or reference an external source.

Think long-term

When writing an email, you want to build up a long-term relationship with the reader, ensuring that they come back again and again for your services. So rather than just focus on what you can bring to the table, focus on the long-term benefits that they will receive through a professional relationship with you.

Always include a CTA

Once they are done reading your email copy, you want them to act on it and start an open line of communication. Therefore, every email must come with a short, but clear call to actions, that maintain that urgency such as ‘get in touch today’ or ‘buy now’. And don’t overload the copy with CTAs, just one impactful CTA is what you need.

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