Bonus material: Email marketing job descriptions [doc]

The Email Data Analyst is responsible for querying data relating to email campaigns and managing the email databases. He or she analyses findings in order to identify customer segments, evaluate email campaign tactics, and make recommendations for future campaigns. The Email Data Analyst looks at behavioural data from email recipients and performs tests to ensure email campaigns are functioning appropriately and meeting the intended goals.

The Email Data Analyst tracks email campaign metrics such as click-through rates, delivery and open percentages, and spam complaints. He or she is responsible for delivering these findings to the rest of the email group as well as any applicable stakeholders. The Email Data Analyst performs periodic research on best-practices in data analysis and campaign optimisation. The Email Data Analyst works closely with other members of the email team as well as with other departments, such as Sales and Marketing.

The Email Data Analyst will:

  • Analyse email recipient data and recommend changes to email campaign tactics based on these findings.
  • Deliver data analysis results to key stakeholders and the rest of the email/marketing team
  • Identify target audience segments and make recommendations targeting segments based on proven behaviour
  • Manage and query databases as necessary
  • Perform troubleshooting and testing scenarios as appropriate



Download the following job descriptions via this link:

  • Email Designer
  • Email Copywriter
  • HTML Email Developer
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Email Deliverability Expert
  • Email Data Analyst

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