Bonus material: Email marketing job descriptions [doc]

The Email Deliverability Expert is responsible for ensuring all aspects of email deliverability, including promotional emails, transactional emails, notifications, and others. He or she oversees email lists and creates sublists for recipients based on previous email interactions. The Email Deliverability Expert troubleshoots and corrects email deliverability problems and suggests improvements for the future.

The Email Deliverability Expert develops daily, weekly, and seasonal deliverability reports that track and analyse KPIs such as bounce percentage, open percentage, and spam complaints. He or she keeps up-to-date on the latest technologies and processes pertaining to email deliverability and implements them as necessary. The Email Deliverability Expert works with other members of the email group and collaborates cross-departmentally with the Marketing and Sales teams.

The Email Deliverability Expert will:

  • Monitor recipient interactions and track open rates, bounce percentages, and spam complaints
  • Stay current with best practices and industry laws and regulations
  • Solve complex challenges to ensure the greatest number of recipients engage and interact positively with the company
  • Work closely with key stakeholders and members of other departments to deliver the highest quality product



Download the following job descriptions via this link:

  • Email Designer
  • Email Copywriter
  • HTML Email Developer
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Email Deliverability Expert
  • Email Data Analyst

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