Bonus material: Email design review [PDF]

A majority of internet users access online services through smart mobile devices. Email marketing services have had to recalibrate their marketing strategies to reach and engage mobile users.

Designing emails for mobile platforms has proven quite challenging, given the diversity in design, size, and performance of mobile devices. However, there are some fundamental essentials when it comes to designing mobile-friendly emails.

1) Keep things simple

Due to the limited display size of mobile devices, it is necessary to keep the abundance of email elements at a minimum. Make the email short, precise and to the point. Besides, complex email structures with numerous features only increase the number of things that could go wrong. Exercise minimalism in the design while ensuring that the email’s objective is clear.

2) Mobile-friendly layout

Design a single column template for your email with a width scaling of between 320-550px. This ensures that the template renders perfectly even on small displays.

A majority of people are right-handed and use their dominant hand to interact with their smartphones. This means that more attention is drawn to the left side of the screen than to the right. Put more elements and text on the left-hand side of the template and leave a reasonable blank column on the right for scrolling. This is called left flushing.

Also, it’s always a good idea to add a bit of padding all around as a responsive design measure so that no elements are clipped on small screens.

3) Make links and CTA prominent

Buttons and links are crucial elements of marketing emails, which may go unnoticed on mobile devices. Highlight clickable links using borders, outlines or creative colour schemes to make them prominent and affordable. Also, ensure that they are adequately sized and padded for easy tapping. The same goes for CTA statements; customise the typography to make CTAs easily visible and legible.

4) Customise fonts and images

When it comes to text, use 22pt font for headers and at least 14pt font for the body. Write only between 3-5 properly spaced lines and avoid clutter in the text area. This should make the words easy to read and navigate.

Images don’t pose much of a problem with responsive email design. Most mobile email clients scale images depending on the screen size. However, it’s crucial to define the maximum width of the image to prevent cropping issues. Use large high-quality images, but remember to compress the media file to cut the email’s loading time.

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