Bonus material: How to increase email click-through rates

Are you worried that your click-through rate stats aren’t reflecting the hard work you are putting into your well-thought out email campaigns? Underwhelming click rates means fewer leads, so we have some essential email design hacks to boost click rates right here for you.

Are you asking for the opt-in?

If people aren’t even taking the time to open your emails, they’re never going to click on your links. The first step into improving your CTR is by going back to basics and getting subscribers to opt-in in the first place. Getting subscribers to voluntarily offer their email address shows you’ve piqued their interest. Try using a plugin integrated with Mailchimp services that will do the hard work for you. There are plenty of Mailchimp partners who can offer this service so have a search around for an opt-in form that suits your needs.

Ensure your email subject line doesn’t flop!

Research has proven that the subject line of your emails is a real make or break for subscribers. Writing an email subject line that sparks curiosity, triggers a fear-of-missing-out, asks questions or uses emojis are more likely to get opened, read and clicked through.

Be careful not to mislead your subscribers though. If someone opens your email based on the subject line and is disappointed with the content of the email, they may mark you as spam or unsubscribe from your list entirely.

Looking like a pro email marketing agency with killer formatting!

Getting the formatting of your emails right can potentially make a huge difference to whether someone reads your emails or completely abandons ship. Be sure that your emails are mobile-friendly, don’t have vital information hidden in the images (in case they get blocked by default) and is scannable with easy-to-read subheadings.

Brush up on your email content.

Find out exactly what your subscribers are wanting to read. By offering content that is of genuine interest to your subscribers, you are more likely to get a bigger open rate and a bigger CTR. Try putting out polls and surveys and ask your subscribers and customers what they’d like to read about.

Try these simple but effective email hacks to improve your email marketing services now.