Bonus material: Email design review


Harry’s is known in the email world for ‘doing it right’, especially for their new customer onboarding and triggered automations. This email is no exception, they give you a simple headline, short form intro copy, a clear CTA, then right onto the product photography, which BTW are all animated GIFs.

Each section, which all have the same layout (maybe mix it up a little guys?) focusing on a benefit or feature of the product, showcasing the quality of their product.

This is where I will repeat myself… Crisp photography (products, app screenshots etc) make the email. Invest in creating some great shots, and you will reap the rewards.

You get to the CTA quite quickly, and the text is clear and relevant ‘SHOP BLADES’. Good work.

On brand

The Harry’s website and the email match really well, the positioning of the content, the font, the logo, the colour scheme, all reflect the website and mean the recipient is driven from the email to the website in a smooth, on-brand way.

Similarly to the email, the close up, super crisp photography really makes the website. If you are selling a product, get shooting!

Mobile view

Pretty much the same as the desktop, but the footer is centralised.

Off the topic

I guess by now you can see a pattern forming… A single, centralised logo in the header (nothing else), simple structure (mainly one column) and super crisp photography.

In an email, less is more, focus on the message, write less copy, less text in your subject lines, headlines and CTAs, bold design works, use colour to accentuate the key stuff (buttons etc).


A well structured email using text and HTML where possible, and making the images do most of the talking. The thing to notice is the email text sections have a different width to the image sections, meaning your eye is drawn down the narrow text column to the wide, bold and clear product photos. No mistake.

Images turned off

The use of HTML and text means the email still kinda works with images turned off, and they’ve used alt tags, but I think you’ll agree, without the fancy photos, the email lacks oomph and just doesn’t work.

Subject line

Stuff like ‘new’ and ‘arrived’ will make an existing customer, particularly a loyal fan, want to know more. Being a product business that sells just one type of product, any news or releases are likely to be well received.