Bonus material: Send awesome Mailchimp email campaigns [PDF]

The famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy once said; “If you want to do something, do it well. If you can’t or do not want to do it, better don’t start at all”.

No words ring truer when it comes to email design. While taking the time to actually put some content together and creating a quick template might be classed as progress to some, will it honestly do your brand justice?

The truth is, the art of email design shouldn’t be undervalued. In fact, businesses who take the time to make a quality email marketing campaign average a £24.93 return for every £1 spent – so it pays to get it right.

With this in mind, I’ve pulled some key email design trends I think are destined to cause a stir in customers’ inboxes in 2019.

Open compositions

A growing theme within the email design community is a new-found love for open compositions. This effect is used to cut parts of an image off to create an illusion that the email continues out of shot (or composition).

Combine this image effect with a simple white background for a minimalist appearance and to draw attention to the product itself.

Full-width images

If you’re looking to showcase a new flagship product, include full-width images of it throughout the email. It’s a perfect excuse to capture different angles, colours and features in an ultra-modern and chic way. For inspiration, just check out any product email from Apple.

Using illustrations

Another email design trend picking up speed among marketers and businesses is the use of illustration and graphics. Switching from real photographs to illustrations allows a brand to offer a softer and more customer-friendly side.

What’s more, it helps the readers engage in the content right from the start too. I mean, who doesn’t love a cartoon?

Cool typography

Hero images don’t always have to contain standard fonts. This year, there’s a good chance you’ll notice more businesses experimenting with typography to entice readers to scroll down and take action.