Do you need some inspiration with what to include in your email marketing campaigns? Content within your email marketing services should be given maximum thought, as they can be a huge way of engaging with your current customers as well as potentially attracting new ones.

If you are not sure of what you should include in your emails, allow us to provide you with some ideas to get the most out of what you send.


The first thing you can start with is a newsletter type email. People want to hear what is going on with your company so tell them. If you have a story to share, whether it is an upcoming event, a brand that is selling well or even something like an anniversary, let your customers in on it. You can do this weekly or monthly but make sure you send it regularly.


If you do have an event on the horizon send out an email to invite your customers to it. You will need to show why they should attend so these kinds of emails are best sent as a visual format rather than one which is full of copy. Make your event really standout with high-class images to promote it.

Product updates

If you have a new product or update being released soon, then tell people about it. If it is an upgrade on something they have already purchased with you the chances are they will get the new model too. Let your customers in on all the latest features to entice them to make a purchase.

Internal newsletter

Although keeping your customers informed is a big thing with marketing emails, don’t forget your current employees. Keep them in the loop and let them know what is going on within the company. Tell them about upcoming events, products and marketing offers and keep those among your workforce happy.

Confirmation emails

It sounds like a simple thing but when a customer makes a purchase it is always nice to receive an email confirming their order and thanking them for their business. By sending an automatic confirmation email it is a way to keep your new or existing customer feeling warm at the end of the transaction.