Time and money are two precious commodities that you can’t afford to waste. When marketing, you cannot afford to ignore any tools that can help. There is no tool more valuable than email marketing.

Email marketing isn’t just about sending messages to inboxes. There are a lot of benefits to using email marketing. Some may see it as a method of hassling customers, that emails just end up dumped in the junk box. However, recent stats suggest that email marketing is actually a credible and useful tool.

What is Email Marketing?

In its basic terms, it is using email to promote services or products. However, it isn’t just that. Email marketing is being used to reach out to new customers and to build a relationship with existing customers. It is the perfect method for keeping customers informed. It is the most cost-effective method of digital marketing today.

The list of marketing stats below highlights how important email marketing is.

Email usage

There are 3.7 billion email users worldwide. This figure is going to increase to 4.3 billion users by 2022. By that point, half the world’s population will be using email. This is clear evidence that email marketing is something you don’t want to miss out on.

How many emails do we send?

By 2017, we had sent and received an incredible 269 billion emails each day. This number will go up to over 300 billion emails a day by 2022. This means that email marketing is a growing method of digital marketing.

Grow your business with email marketing

Though there has been a discussion about the strength of social media. For instance, the impact of shares, influencers, and tweets. Email marketing is still a valuable method. A recent research finding shows that email marketing is still the preferred choice when compared to social media. This does not mean social media should be ignored, but email marketing is perfect for directly reaching your customers.

The personal touch works

20.81% is the current email open rate for email marketing. Emails that have a personalised subject line actually increase that figure to 50%. Proof that personalising your emails to customers, either with their name or a personal greeting, works.

The customers like to be contacted

A survey of customers recently asked them whether they like to receive emails from brands. Just under half of customers said they like to get promotional emails every week. You don’t need to worry about emailing customers too often. They like to hear from you and like to open your emails.

What does this mean?

The one thing that these statistics have made clear, it’s that this way of marketing is still the perfect way to reach your audience. If you are using email marketing, then you are on the right path.