Bonus material: How to design the perfect email [infographic]

Our company offers email marketing services to help you improve communication between you and your clients. We use MailChimp to design email newsletters, share them on various social media platforms and track outcomes. Using MailChimp services gives you an added advantage because you can create appealing and easy to read email campaigns, customise your sign up forms, send more emails and automate regular tasks.

How to optimise email for mobile and increase accessibility?

Optimising your email for mobile allows you to get the most out of email marketing services. You can do this by doing the following..

1. Use short subject lines

The amount of space provided on mobile phones is limited so you should not use more than fifteen characters. You should also make sure that the most crucial information is at the beginning of the sentence to quickly capture the attention of the readers.

2. Provide the text in all formats

Most smartphones can open an HTML email, but you should provide the text in other formats for the few recipients whose phones only read text. By doing this, your email will be accessible to all recipients.

3. Keep your body content short and straight to the point.

Most mobile users are most likely to be on the move, so they don’t have much time to skim through your email, looking for information. You can break down the information into short easy to read bullet points.

4. Limit graphics

Your thumbnail should be around 500 to 600 pixels wide. This is because sometimes graphics come through as blanks or links, and this is more likely to discourage the recipient from reading the mail.

5. Call to actions should be clear

As mentioned above, mobile phones have limited display space, and you want to make sure that your call to action is visible and easy to follow. If you are trying to get the reader to click through to a redirect link, make sure the link is visible. Avoid using images as a call to action because if the recipient’s phone does not show the image, then they will not see it. It is also advisable to remove any pop-ups that may block your copy.