Bonus material: The future of email [PDF]

Personalisation is commonplace for email marketers however I predict this will become a huge area of development and growth over the next few years.

Anyone with an Amazon account will know that you receive automated emails based on your purchase or intent to purchase, however the growth area won’t be so much around the triggering of such emails, it will be in the tailoring of the content to meet the preferences and the behaviours of the individual subscriber.

Due to the availability and ability to gather vast amounts of data, ESPs will enable you to insert variable content blocks which automatically import content bespoke to the individual. In the future, every element within an email will be fully customised, making every email a relevant and uniquely personalised experience.

There are some super-smart tools out there that allow you to embed content based on data, however I see further advancements in this area as ESPs focus on becoming a complete marketing hub, allowing you to connect more data sources, unlocking more possibilities.

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