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There’s two things going on right now; ESPs continue to develop their products, and ISPs continue to try to identify and move promotional emails out from your main inbox. Due to these worlds colliding, I eventually foresee one of two things happening; ESPs and ISPs will work together, set standards and everyone’s happy, or they will split down the middle.

If the former happens, email marketing will enter a stage of growth and development, creating standards and rules that everyone abides by. If the latter happens, which is more likely, then ISPs will make promotional emails harder to get to the inbox, and ESPs will be forced to create their own email readers.

This option actually makes a lot of sense. An ESP like Mailchimp could develop their own email reader, allowing the end user to view a directory of available subscriptions, freely opt in and out as simple as unchecking a box, and pull in previous emails sent out before they subscribed. Think of it like Google Reader (now redundant) for email.

This level of growth will make Mailchimp a household name for all outside of the email bubble, and enable them to set the coding standards as well as track behaviours and actions that are currently not possible via a tracking pixel.

The only downside, is that unless there’s an impartial solution, each ESP will have their own reader.

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