Email campaigns are a great way to reach many different people and show off your latest offers and promotions. It can also be a good time to introduce new company features and showcase new developments in your products. But all of this relies on your campaign being successful and, for that, your receivers need to open the email.

Ensuring your email campaign is successful can be difficult, but there are a few tips and tricks that the experts always employ. At Mail Ninja, we know these hints and want to share them with you!

1. Ensure you have a catchy email subject

People will always judge emails by their subject line, and a boring line will either get ignored or moved to the spam folder. Obviously this means that your email never gets read, so you are losing a potential customer. By making your subject line funny and relevant to the reader, you are far more likely that they will open the email because they are initially intrigued.

2. Personalise the email

While blanket email marketing can make it difficult to personalise emails, it is not impossible. Some software and providers can analyse email addresses and work out the persons name, especially when many emails contain initials or the first or last name of the owner. If you can get software that personalised emails, the receiver is significantly more likely to open it, as they feel it is addressed directly to them. When asking people to sign up with their email address, you can also ask them for their first and last name so your company has this information to hand.

3. Use direct links

When a reader opens your email, they want to be able to see your items and promotions straight away. By providing direct links to the things you are talking about, you will allow the customer to hit your page while they are still in the mood for buying! Ensure that your check out process is easy too, and this will really help your campaign convert readers into paying customers.

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