Bonus material: The future of email [PDF]

by Cliff Barrett

Group Product Manager, Mailchimp

Marketing for small businesses will become more and more challenging in the future as consumers increase the number of channels they access for information and decrease the amount of time they spend on each channel. We plan to stay ahead of that curve by continuing to provide a technologically advanced platform for small business marketing. One way we help businesses understand their opportunities is through access to past, current, and predictive customer data to make smarter marketing decisions.

With machine learning, we use our platform data to identify what works best for our millions of users in order to suggest successful targeting, content, and timing for email and more. We also take advantage of advanced algorithms to extract insights from each small business’ data set to provide the next best action to segment, optimize, and refine marketing efforts in order to grow their businesses. And the beautiful part about these highly complex efforts is that our users will only see simple recommendations with successful results.

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