A year has gone by and it turns out that GDPR has not had the expected disastrous effects that people thought it would. In a lot of ways, it can be said that GDPR has helped email marketing more than it has damaged it.

Why GDPR is a good thing

GDPR was announced two years before it was implemented, yet most people dismissed it until it was only a couple of weeks before the deadline. Considering the complexity of GDPR, this extensive procrastination caused a frenzied state of confusion for many lawyers and businesses. Despite the overall confusion and criticism, GDPR guarantees that everyone, as owners of their data, have appropriate rights that others must respect. Fortunately for email marketers, when you respect people’s private data, your results will increase.

How GDPR changed email marketing

For some unknown reason, many people believed that GDPR would destroy email marketing by draining their email list and making it very unlikely to find new subscribers. Let’s be realistic, your email list probably did get smaller once you carried out the GDPR opt-in process, however, the people that stayed are your loyal customers. They are the individuals who will open your emails and go through your content. Now that there is a model to follow, the number of email abusers will fade.

Not without its obstacles

One area of change was that of collecting and storing consent. Some of the specific requirements included:

1) Consent must be “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous”.
2) Data subjects can withdraw their consent whenever they choose, and you have to honour their decision.
3) You must have documentary proof of consent.

Thank you, GDPR

By appreciating your subscribers, and providing value with every email you send, GDPR delivers that additional layer of information that helps you to remember that your subscribers are people with their own data. When you agree to treat them and their data how you want to be treated with yours, good things will happen.

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