Email marketing services offer some of the best conversion rates of any digital marketing channel – but to reap the rewards you have to make it to the inbox first.

Spam filters and firewalls do a great job of protecting us from hackers and trojan emails but they could also be filtering out your marketing emails. And, if you do make it to the inbox, you’re still at risk of being flagged by a user if they don’t like what they see. So, how do you avoid being blacklisted and ensure ROI from your e-marketing? Follow these tips to dodge the dreaded spam folder.

Don’t attach, link

Whether it’s a newsletter or a sales email, attachments are likely to trigger spam filters if from an unknown email address. If you have imagery, videos or files you want to share, use a well-known filesharing service such as WeTransfer or Google Drive to share your data. That way, users know they can trust the link and you can still share the rich content you want to.

Keep it regular, but not too regular

Newsletters are a great way of communicating with prospective or current customers but there can be too much of a good thing. Avoid sending out too many updates – remember, every other company is doing the same and it can be overwhelming. A monthly update for a B2B brand, for example, should be enough to maintain a conversation with your clients. Whatever you do, don’t email for the sake of it.

Offer value

If your e-shot is just filling space, consumers will cotton on pretty fast. Make sure you’re offering value if you want to keep subscribers. That could mean deals and offers for loyal customers or simply sharing blogs and insights from within your team. What works will differ for every business – so experimentation is key.

Use A/B testing

The most important part of any successful e-marketing campaign is testing. Tools like Mailchimp enable you to test different messages, layouts and content so you can monitor and evaluate campaigns and see what’s working best. Can’t seem to find the time in the day? An email marketing agency can take care of all the hard work and offer you insights focused on what’s important – ROI.

Offer your customers, clients and followers a quality experience in your e-marketing campaign and you should naturally avoid being blocked, blacklisted or filtered out. Be smart, and you could see the channel become a key driver of revenue and growth.