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In the digital market, keeping in touch with your client is the only way to ensure they are not swept away by strong competitive forces. Email is arguably one of the best ways to constantly feed your clients with information about your product, your blog, and even your business. For instance, they are more targeted than social media as you can tailor the contents according to the needs of a specific customer. Also, emails are not subject to as much change as social media platforms which make them more reliable.

Keeping in contact with your audience through emails will ensure they keep returning to view your website content. This helps your website rank better on Google and other search engines, giving you more visitor through search links.

To enable you to target a larger audience and get a bigger following, you need to have email subscribers who will consistently receive your notifications and act on them. Below are some tips that will help you increase your email subscribers:

1. Use giveaways

There are numerous products you could give depending on the services you offer. This could include a resume template, a free t-shirt, or even a white paper. Such products which could be delivered via email allow you to obtain the addresses of your customers. By making sure you obtain the necessary permissions, you will be able to send emails to your customers and keep in touch with them.

2. Use widgets

In your website, you could make sure that each page has a widget urging the customer to subscribe their emails for offers and notifications. Depending on the length of your content, you could customize your widget to make it appear consistently throughout the pages. The widget should also stand out in order to draw maximum attention to itself.

3. Encourage referrals

Once you get subscribers, you could encourage them to refer their friends via email addresses and in return offer them a giveaway. By so doing, you will have more email subscribers to whom you could extend the same offer.

4. Use website tools

Some website tools are dedicated to ensuring the visitor is prompted to take some action which often involves leaving their email addresses. These include adding the prompts to the options menu, prompting visitors just before they exit the site, adding a welcome gate which requires the user to leave their email, among many more.

With the tips offered above, you will get over 100 faithful receivers and readers of your emails who you will be able to reach with your call to action. Such actions including purchasing a product, visiting a shop, or even filling an order form will increase your customer base and therefore increase your revenue. Contact us today to discover how our email marketing services can help to expand your business.