One of the most important aspects of the email marketing campaign is the call-to-action button. It’s what turns an email reader into a customer. However, just writing something in a button doesn’t constitute a strong call to action. There are specific elements that make a call-to-action effective.

So, if you want your readers to turn into customers, follow these simple call-to-action button writing tips.

1. Make the call-to-action about them

The first thing you should do is to ensure that the call-to-action gives ownership to the reader. This is about making them feel that the message is designed for them specifically and not a generic message for a large audience.

2. Provoke emotions

A key aspect of call-to-actions is that they inspire the audience to take action. This requires them to feel passionate about the action you’re taking. Use words that they want to associate with the action. Common aspects to target are things like family, discounts and future aspirations.

One emotion that you should always try to provoke is fear. Customers don’t like missing out on something that everyone else is getting, so if you can set urgency and a deadline in your call-to-action, then you can increase the click-through rate.

3. Start with a strong, command verb

Call to actions are supposed to be short and therefore you need to start strong. A command verb is important. Words that can be used, for example, are: buy, shop, order, download, subscribe, fill and find. These command words inspire action and tell the reader exactly what is expected of them.

4. Give a reason why your audience should click through

‘Buy now’ isn’t very convincing. There is little value proposition for the audience. You need to give them a reason why they should click through and complete an action. For instance, offering them a discount, information or a chance to make a change in their life. So instead of ‘buy now’ you could use ‘Buy now for your 50% discount’.

5. Ensure it is small enough for mobile users

More than half of all emails are now read on mobile devices. Therefore, ensure your call-to-actions are small enough to fit onto the small screens without looking bulky. Otherwise, the CTAs might put off audiences and you will have lower click-through rates.

Be sure that your call-to-actions are benefiting your email campaigns and you’re writing them in a way that will encourage audiences to follow through. Use the tips above to help.