Marketing is one of the most important factors any business must consider when it comes to growing and retaining a customer audience.

Whether your business is mostly conventional, or wholly internet-based, email marketing is something you should put into the mix when thinking about your marketing strategies. Why? Let us explain. Here are a few key things you ought to know regarding email marketing and email marketing services.

Cold calling vs using email marketing services

According to a survey carried out by Hubspot, only around 1% of cold calls actually result in meetings. Not only that, but many decision-makers will not accept cold calls in the first place. It’s quite a different story, however, when it comes down to using email marketing services.

Of course, email marketing isn’t perfect. But the fact of the matter is that it has a much higher success rate and will generate new business providing it is done right. A lot of people get it wrong, and that is one of the main reasons you should think about using an email marketing agency.

The most important metric

When thinking about using email marketing, there are three fundamental metrics to consider. They are (1) the opening rate; (2) the response rate, and (3) the conversion rate.

The opening rate is important, but it is not the key. The key is the conversion rate. It is where the money is made. Getting a good conversion rate is essential. Using something like Mailchimp services can be very advantageous in this respect.

The main benefits of email marketing

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main benefits of going down the email marketing route.

• Cost efficient
• Exploits social media interest
• Promotes brand awareness
• Can be linked easily to articles, blogs and other sales, marketing content

All of the above are sound reasons why you should employ email marketing as one of your major marketing strategies. Exploiting each of these benefits to the maximum extent is something that Mailchimp partners get right all the time.

Communicate from the client’s viewpoint

Prospects only tend to open emails that promote things that they are interested in rather than who it is that is selling them. Initially, the recipient doesn’t take much notice of who you are. Not until they think that what you are selling is of interest to them.

So, the most effective email marketing focuses on the benefits of a product or service rather than its features. Once you kindle interest, they will then take note of who the advertiser is.

Avoiding sales spiel

The majority of prospects have a mistrust of salespeople. It often comes about through the overuse of aggressive selling. This sentiment has been exacerbated in recent years by intrusive “robots” and unsolicited telephone calls.

The result is that many prospects find salespeople annoying. It means you should try not to come across too “salesy” in your marketing emails. Concentrate on the benefits of the product in a factual way. Make any call to action subtle and simple. Yes or no will suffice. Don’t link to other things. It merely distracts attention.

Get it right – use an email marketing agency like Mail Ninja

Email marketing is not rocket science, and its benefits can be very significant. Employing an email marketing agency like Mail Ninja will help you to get the message across in the right way and will assist in improving your conversions rates.