You’ve spent time and energy writing engaging and informative email copy. But will the recipient even open this email? Will it be sent straight to the dreaded ‘trash’? How do you increase those email open rates? The answer is with the power of words in your subject line, and below we show you how.

Grab the attention with your subject line

One big targeting strategy is the FOMO, that Fear Of Missing Out, and you can easily incorporate this into your email’s subject line. We all love a bargain and don’t want to miss out on those exclusive deals or money off deals. Be sure to grab the reader’s attention and use these tactics in your email header by incorporating words such as ‘hurry’, ‘free’ and ‘new’.

Words that build up trust

Words that build up trust between you and potential customers are also a good way to ensure an increase in those open rates. Use words that showcase you as a credible company and one that can be trusted. This can be easily done with a simple tweak of that subject line by inserting words and phrases such as ‘expert opinion’, ‘no risk’, ‘no obligation’ and ‘cancel any time’.

Ask the recipient a question

Email open rates are reliant upon producing engaging content in the email subject line, and a great way to do this is by asking a question. This encourages the recipient to participate with the content of the email before they’ve even clicked on it.

Don’t use block capitals

Finally, it is always wise to avoid using block capitals in the email subject line. You will get noticed but for all the wrong reasons. In most cases, this email will be seen as spam and will be deleted, often before the recipient even reads the actual words. Beyond that, capitals are more difficult to read than lower case so keep your subject header in sentence case as far as possible.

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