Effective email marketing can sometimes feel like a lofty goal, especially when your open rates aren’t where you want them to be. With so many factors playing into whether or not an email hits the big time, it’s also tough to know where to focus your efforts. But there’s one element of all emails which we know matters more than anything: the subject line.

In this article, we’ll explain the science behind constructing the perfect subject line – all backed up with some hard numbers.

Length really does matter

One of the key aspects of any subject line is its length. Too long, and people are likely to disregard it; too short, and they may see it as spammy or low-effort. So, what is the perfect length for a subject line? Well, according to research, the most effective range of word length for a subject line is 6-10 words. With this many words, open rates averaged out at 21%. At the lower end, 0-5 words, those rates were 16%, while at the highest end, 21-25 words, only 9% of users opened the email.

Finding the perfect balance

It’s clear that the statistics show open rates are optimal when subject lines range between 6 and 10 words, but do be aware that this will depend on a number of factors. For example, your target market may be a younger demographic who are more likely to respond to punchy, emoji-laden subject lines with fewer words. On the other hand, a demographic which is more well-versed in reading long-form content may respond better to a longer subject line.

It’s all about experimentation

Of course, you should always bear in mind what the science tells you, but don’t forget that experimentation of your own is easy too – especially with the right email marketing agency. Tools like MailChimp allow you to carry out A/B testing which can deliver different subject lines to different users and tell you which performed best. With tools like these, you can construct several different subject line variants – short, average, and long – then see which performs best with your target market. Data science is a valuable tool – but there’s nothing better than real-world market research on your own audience.

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