Emails have become a part of our daily lives, and it’s something we cannot afford to ignore. However, people read emails on various devices and in different ways. Some may prefer to read their emails through text to speech software, while others will use their tablets or screen readers. Making your emails accessible to your customers and clients can help you serve a large clientele base. An email marketing agency can help you create accessible emails.

Below are some more tips to make sure each person gets your next email campaign.

1. Ensure your text is readable

With over 200 million people in the world being visually impaired, you need to create a text that is readable. Do away with small fonts and check if you can zoom in without losing clarity or readability.

Check to see that the paragraphs are spaced out to make it easier for the reader. Choose a line-height that’s four pixels more than your normal font size. Remember to increase the line height and font size for mobile devices.

2. Be careful with visual elements

Most people make the mistake of having imagery that contains text that conveys the main message of the email. However, some readers may choose to ignore the images, especially if they are GIFs that flash repeatedly. If you need to add a GIF, have one that stops within five seconds.

Moreover, you can provide alternative content in the form of a chart or table if necessary. Always keep the images light as some users may be on a restricted data connection or they could be experiencing slower connection. Write the alt text that describes every image that you include in the email. The Alt text not only tells the reader what the image is about, but it also helps SEO crawlers to deal with email images that won’t display.

3. Check your text-only version

Most businesses and work email clients in industries like cybersecurity, finance, and healthcare associate HTML with foam. That may get your emails blocked. To prevent this, format your text-only version with enough spacing and use asterisks or dashes to make the text readable.


Creating accessible emails is essential to you achieving a successful email marketing campaign. That ensures that you’re maximizing the ROI of your email marketing costs. If this is an area you’re struggling with, you can get in touch with an experiencing email marketing agency that deals with Mailchimp services and other email marketing services to make all your emails easier to read and understand.