There is more choice than ever before when it comes to marketing your business. Whether it is digital marketing channels or more traditional routes, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ways you could go about it. One very effective technique you should make part of your marketing plan though is email marketing.

But why should you use email marketing?

It is effective in gaining new customers

One of the major reasons to use email marketing is simply that it works. It can be up to 4 times more useful than picking up new customers compared to social media, for example. While this may seem surprising, it should not really be too shocking. Everyone has an email account that they check several times per day, which explains its effectiveness.

Email marketing is low cost

All businesses will want to get the best return possible on any investment they make into marketing. The great news with email marketing is that it is low cost. It is estimated that for every $1 spent on marketing via email in the USA, for example, $44 is made back. This is down in large parts to email marketing not including any physical costs like postage or packing.

Email gives that personal touch

Just like print marketing, emails have that personal touch which consumers love. The key thing here is to personalise the messages you send out so they do not come across as spammy. If you can do this, emails can help you forge a personal connection with consumers which they value. Using an effective call to action is key for successful email marketing too – this will help show the person who gets it what to do next.

Mobile users access email regularly

We all know how popular mobile phones are now with the normal person checking theirs as much as 80 times each day. Much of this activity is reading and responding to emails when not at their desktop or laptop computer. This makes email a great form of marketing as it lets you reach consumers wherever they might be.

You can automate it

Automation is a big trend in business now as it helps your staff get more done and in faster times. Marketing via email is a process that can be automated through packages like Mailchimp. Automated packages are pretty easy to use but you can always work with a professional email marketing agency to get the maximum from them.

Certified email marketing services

Mailchimp is the UK’s top automated email platform and here at MailNinja, we are their leading UK certified partner. Our expert team will work with you and help you get more from your email marketing campaigns. Contact us today on 01793 677 511 for the best email marketing services around.