Understanding how your customers read and engage with their emails not only helps you understand your audience better, it allows you to optimise your emails for the devices and email clients your customers use. For example, the knowledge that your clients predominantly read their emails on mobile devices can help you to optimise your email design and content more efficiently. From 2018 to 2019, there have been new trends of growth reported for several email clients. We explore these new trends and what they mean for your business below…

Who are the major email client players?

Unsurprisingly, Apple is still a dominant force when it comes to 2019 email clients. Their market share for the Apple iPhone has grown 27.6%, for the Apple iPad it has grown 8.5% and for Apple Mail it has grown 7.5%. Based on this data, optimising emails for Apple devices can be an effective way to create a better email experience for your audience. However, despite Apple’s growing market share, for the first time, Gmail has become the leading global email client, with its market dominance growing by 27.8%.

Outlook grew to be the third most commonly used email client, with its market share increasing by 9.1%. Similarly, Yahoo rose through the email client ranking to sixth place due to its 6.3% market share growth. Despite falling significantly in the top 10 rankings, Samsung Mail still managed to increase its market share by 1.6%. As market shares continue to rise, as does the popularity of email marketing.

By having an awareness of what email clients your customers are predominantly using, you can create and code emails that will look visually appealing and function efficiently when opened on your audience’s chosen platform. This not only creates a better experience for your audience but gives greater direction to your marketing team.

How does the email environment make an impact?

Being able to access data about how your specific audience opens their emails will help you tailor your email design. Aside from their email client, it is also important to understand what email environment your emails are being read in.

Over the past year, 42% of all emails were opened on a mobile device; this is information which should be utilised by your marketing team. Having an awareness of the environment your emails will be read in should not only impact your email design but your email content. For example, if your audience is reading your emails on-the-go, the content needs to be sharper, more direct and attention-grabbing.

Ready to learn more about your audience?

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