Bonus material: 7-step email campaign success formula [PDF]

Marketing departments are overwhelmed with the different tasks they have to handle from web design, PR, PPC, SEO, lead generation, and social media; the list is endless. However, it may be time-consuming to have your marketing department also handle email marketing.

What’s more, most people lack the expertise to achieve the desired results. You wouldn’t want to deal with a campaign that doesn’t display correctly, or have to go through a campaign that underperforms against the goal you have as a company. Outsourcing email marketing services can help you deal with these issues.

Reasons to outsource email marketing services

Some of the reasons you should consider using managed email marketing services include:

You’re not getting the results you want

Although email marketing may seem like a relaxed fit, the truth is that it may be difficult because it involves a lot of planning and the right execution. Working with an experienced email marketing agency can make your work simpler as they have the knowledge and expertise required to execute a successful campaign.

You need to save money and time

As a business owner, you may not have the budget to train your staff on email marketing. What’s more, you may need to invest in the required software to run a successful campaign. Hiring an email marketing expert will require you to spend more on space, taxes, overtime, and more, outsourcing email marketing can help cut down these costs.

Outsourcing email marketing also allows your employees to focus on what they do best, and not try to relearn what email marketing is all about. A company can enjoy increased revenue and the chance to create an effective marketing campaign that gets results.

An opportunity to enhance deliverability

While sending an email sounds easy; what most people don’t understand is that your recipients need to read it for you to have a successful campaign. Furthermore, you may be flagged as spam if the mail servers do not recognize you as a legitimate sender of bulk email. Outsourcing email marketing improves your deliverability.

Get an external viewpoint

When you’re used to writing the same email copy or coming up with a specific-style campaign strategy, it’s easy to think of this as the right way of doing things even if the results are not what you expect. An outsourced team gives you an external viewpoint.

An agency will give you a different opinion and suggest other ideas that could benefit your marketing campaign.


Working with an email marketing agency allows you to have a competitive advantage over other companies. Apart from expertise and specialization, you get to reduce costs and enjoy improved response rates.