Meet Builder, the world’s easiest-to-use email editor

Builder by MailNinja is an email building tool, designed by email experts to make your life easier.

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Build better emails

With Builder you can now have true drag’n’drop functionality with live editing. Builder is the email builder you wish had for your last email marketing campaign.

MailChimp Ready

Builder is connected up to MailChimp, so when you’re finished, just hit SEND TO MAILCHIMP

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Drag and drop modules

No really. Drag and drop entire sections into the preview pane.

Live editing

Edit text and images, as easy as a Word document.

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Pop up styling

Perform basic styling to your text – like alignment, bold etc.

Crop and edit images

Crop, resize, and add effects to your images – without using any external tools like Photoshop.

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Create projects

Create your own projects to house your email creations.

Version control

Save drafts and create versions as you design.

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Invite your team

Invite team members, and set user permissions.

Public or private

Publicise projects and emails with your team.

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Need a template?

Love Builder, but need a template to kick things off, no worries, we can build one for you.

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