Email Campaign Sending

Choose this option if you’re looking for us to create an email ready for sending.

How it all works:

  1. You send us content (images and text), plus any instructions to help us
  2. We start by designing your email, creating, cropping and resizing images, proofing your copy
  3. We send you a preview of your email for approval
  4. Then we build your email for you in mobile responsive code
  5. We then test your email using Litmus to ensure it works perfectly
  6. When then test your against spam filters and run some pre-flight checks
  7. We send you a final copy of the email for approval
  8. Finally we send the email for you, advising on send times, subject lines and split testing

Place your order today, alternatively if you’re looking for us to manage your emails on an ongoing basis contact the team today.