Meet Canvas, the world’s most advanced email editor

Canvas by MailNinja is an email building and testing tool, designed by email experts


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Build better emails

With Canvas you can now have true drag’n’drop functionality with real-time live editing. Canvas is the email builder you wish had for your last email marketing campaign.

Drag and drop

No really. Drag and drop images and entire sections into the preview pane.

Live editing

Edit text and images by placing a simple code tag in your email templates.

Grid view

Click on an any element in the preview pane to highlight it directly in the code.

Crop and auto-resize images

Crop, resize and save your images – without using any external tools like Photoshop.

Toggle images

Optimise your emails for image blocking. Toggle images on and off to see ALT tags text and styles.

Instant inlining

Automatically inline your HTML and CSS with a simple click.

Version control with autosave

View your team’s edit history, easily restore older versions of your email any time.

Live style editing

Edit CSS styles easily with drop down menus, not in the code.

Approval requests

Send approval requests to your team members, get instant feedback.

Pixel markers

Save pixel-based markers for checking responsiveness on smaller screens.

Split screen

Use the draggable pane to switch between code and live preview mode.

Instant refresh

Make code changes to see it in the preview window, and vice versa.

Team roles and permissions

Invite your team to create, edit and publish emails in your account.

Find and replace

Run a quick search of your code to find and replace.

Send test emails

Send the latest version of your email to your team members or clients.

Amazon Cloudfront connector

Connect up Amazon’s content delivery network (CDN) to speed up image loading.

Code checks

Check your HTML code for markup validation.

Spam tests

Run spam checks for your emails to ensure your emails get delivered.

URL tagging

Append URLs with tracking code. Great for Google Analytics.

Edit backgrounds

Edit module background images. Something MailChimp cannot do.

Publish to MailChimp

Send your finished emails directly to MailChimp, ready for sending.

Link checks

Run checks for invalid links. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Try Canvas Free

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Canvas Syntax

Using our simple code syntax, you can auto-generate draggable modules and editable sections.

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