Data Management

From a comprehensive list building strategy to data verification

List building strategy

List building is the number one pain point amongst email marketers. Our list experts will help you create a long term comprehensive strategy that allows you to both acquire new subscribers as well as nurture and engage with you current ones.

“When it comes to email, engagement and deliverability is vital. We help our clients to not only cleanse their email data, but also segment their lists to ensure that the right content, reaches the right people, at the right time.”

Jake Woodward

Lists & Automation Expert

DeepClean™ by MailNinja

Email List Hygiene and Verification

DeepClean is a data hygiene service, designed to remove non-deliverable data elements while purging any email-based traps, secondary moles, and other third party oversight seeds. This service is designed to help minimise the number of email bounces, keep you off third party blacklists, and enhance the consistency and deliverability of the data provided.

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