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You focus on your clients, leave the email campaigns to us.

If you run a digital agency and want to offer email marketing to your clients, let’s chat!

Email experts for 15 years

If you want to sell email marketing, but don’t know how to design and code HTML emails, or what makes a great email, we do.

Collaborate for success

Our in-house email campaign managers can work with you around your clients’ goals to create awesome emails that deliver results.

Pay per campaign

Regardless of what arrangement you have with your client, we charge per campaign, and pricing can be as little as just £240 per email.

Trusted by Mailchimp

We have a great relationship with Mailchimp (the market leader by a long mile), so if you need some Mailchimp advice, we’re here for you.

Mailchimp email deployment workflow - design and development service

Email deployment workflow

Think creating an email is easy? Think again.

Have you ever wondered how we design, build, test and deploy your email campaigns? Of course you have, you’re only human.

Mailchimp creative brief for email marketing campaigns
Write the creative brief
Before we begin work on your email, we need to understand what we’re aiming to achieve, what type of email is this, what content will be in it,, who is the target recipient, when are we sending it, and most importantly of all; how will it look.
Mailchimp email campaign content library studio
Gather all copy, images and links
Do you have the copy ready, or do we need to write, rewrite or edit and condense or for email use? With imagery, are there any bespoke graphics we need to create or stock photos we need to source?
Email campaign UX design and template layouts
UX design and layout
Before we fully design your email we start by gathering the team to brainstorm and wireframe the layout using whiteboards, placing the design assets and content, prioritising key content and positioning the CTAs (calls to action), to ensure the content flows.

Our mobile-first strategy means we will fully optimise your emails for mobile screens, creating bespoke banners specifically for mobiles, and increasing font sizes for email accessibility.

Mailchimp HTML custom email design
Design begins
Next we start designing the hero banner, illustrations, GIFs, icons and graphics for your email. All from our Swindon offices and all done by hand every time. We never use stock or pre-built graphics. Once the design elements are finished they are exported and run through compression software to reduce the image size, which helps your email load faster.
Mailchimp email campaign HTML development
Building your email
Using our own proprietary bulletproof email code (which took us months to research and develop), we hand code your email in-house in our own software called Canvas. This allows us to build up emails in an efficient and bug-free way.

We don’t use drag and drop templates to create your emails, every email we produce is custom-coded and tested.

Mailchimp email mobile device testing
Testing and analysis
Every email we produce is tested in both a live and virtual environment to ensure your email looks great. Using our own in-house device testing lab, we run multiple tests of your email across a wide variety of the top mobile and desktop devices and email clients. To back this up, we also test using Email on Acid, the industry standard email testing software.
Mailchimp pre-send checks checklist
Pre-flight checks
Although the email by this point by been passed from campaign manager to copywriter to designer to developer, we STILL check your email against our rigorous internal campaign checklist. We review and analyse the content positioning, structure, copy and design to ensure it works as a finished product. Plus, this is where we test hyperlinks, image alt tags, preview text.
Mailchimp email subject lines
Subject line competition
This is the fun part. We use Slack for internal comms, and now every team member is asked to write some subject line suggestions for your email. We pick the two best subject lines to split test. Don’t worry, this isn’t just guess work, we have internal data to back up our ideas and every team member is constantly researching effective subject lines in order to win!
Mailchimp email campaign approval and change requests
Final approval
Now the email has been built we send you a live preview of the email itself. This way you can see how the email looks in your desktop and mobile inboxes. We also give you our suggested subject lines and send time.
Mailchimp send email campaign
Ready, steady, go!
Once you’re happy with the design and have approved the email, we set up the A/B split test experiment and schedule your email at the agreed time.
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You can access your campaign send stats in your dashboard, and view/download your past invoices.

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