Mobile-Responsive Email Template Design

Here at MailNinja, we’ve been designing and coding email templates for over a decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create visibly striking emails that get your brand noticed.

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MailChimp Mobile Responsive Email Template Design

Email Design

Of course, being email geeks we know that mobile responsive coding is a huge part of the journey when creating an email, however a great design is as important, if not even more so. Having an email that works on every email client and device is step one, but if it looks bad, you simply won’t get good results.

Effective email design is critical in engaging your subscribers’ attention, sustaining their interest, and motivating them to click through to your site and convert. The look and feel of your email has an immediate impact on your brand, giving your subscribers and potential customers a positive or negative impression.

Here at MailNinja headquarters, we’ve been designing emails for over a decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create visibly striking emails that get your brand noticed and message remembered for all the right reasons.

MailNinja build modular email templates. The main reason being, is that you have ultimate flexibility with your email template.

Modular templates are made up of a range of sections, either within one complete HTML file with code comments, or split into separate HTML files. This approach means you can simply swipe out the section you don’t want, duplicate the sections the wish to use more, and move all the elements around, enabling you to create unique emails every time.

Mobile Responsive Coding

Under the bonnet of every great email is our expertly crafted bulletproof code. Our HTML specialists hand build, optimise and test your emails to ensure they look great on every phone, tablet and computer screen.

Leading the charge for mobile

According to a recent study over 66% of people read emails on their mobile device. While most agencies were still fussing over Outlook 2007, MailNinja pioneered a mobile-first approach, developing fully mobile responsive emails that are built and tested to render perfectly on all major clients and devices.

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