Mailchimp Email Template Design and HTML Coding Service

A custom designed Mailchimp email template is the must-have toolkit for any business

Our email template kits give you everything you need to create stunning email campaigns, in minutes, not hours.

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Marcelo Salgado designing an email template at MailNinja HQ

Mailchimp email template design

Email design

Here at MailNinja® HQ, we’ve been designing email templates for over a decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create visibly striking emails that get your brand noticed.

So, if you’re stuck and simply don’t know where to get started, simply get in touch, and we’ll work with you every step of the way and transpose your brand identity into a reusable email template.

Email template mobile-responsive HTML coding

Email development

Of course, being email geeks we know that mobile responsive coding is a huge part of the journey when creating an email, however a great design is as important, if not more.

You could have an email that works on every email client and device, but if it looks bad, you simply *won’t* get good results. This is why the MailNinja® team is split between designers and coders; email creation is a two-step process.

Vlad Apetroaei testing an email template in our device lab

Live email testing - always

Every email we produce is tested in Email on Acid and in our live email device testing lab to ensure it works perfectly on mobile devices and desktop clients.

MailNinja live email device testing lab

Modular email template development

Modular email template frameworks by MailNinja®

Modular design means we add multiple content block variations that you can switch on and off as you need, meaning each campaign you send is unique and tailored around your campaign theme, not the other way around.

Use your custom branded content-blocks to create different communications from a solus, product, newsletters, event invitations and more. The more blocks you have, the more possibilities.

Modular email template frameworks by MailNinja
Mailchimp custom email template benefits - Marcelo Salgado kicking his leg

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Full customisation designed around your brand identity
  • Mobile responsive template framework
  • Editing capabilities for ultimate customisation and flexibility
  • Tested in the top email clients and live tested in our mobile device lab
  • Delivered directly into your account within a few days
  • Aftercare support and template usage training (on request)

For examples of our work, check out Pinterest.

We have a Pinterest board showcasing some of our design work...

Are you ready to unlock the power of Mailchimp?

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Is there a minimum term contract?

There are no lengthy contracts – choose either a fixed-cost rolling monthly package, or opt for a pay-as-you-go plan based on monthly usage.

Who creates the campaign content?

We will advise on themes, design all graphics, build your emails and set up / send your email and social campaigns for you, however, we would need you to provide some copy to kick things off - of course, we will proof, edit and condense your copy provided so it's 100% optimised and ready for use.

Where is your team based?

We are 100% based in Swindon, a small town in the heart of the English countryside. As most of our UK client’s are based in London, we have office space located in Shoreditch.

Will I get the same person managing my account?

Yes and no. There are many people involved in managing your account. On a day-to-day basis you will have access to our team over Slack, email and phone, where our campaign managers will be on hand during the day to discuss themes, share assets and send you updates. On top of this, we will also assign a Strategy Manager, who will be your single point of contact to manage your account on a higher level; goals, outcomes, plans, strategy, reports, analysis etc.

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