Email Template Design Service

Here at MailNinja, we’ve been designing and coding email templates for over a decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create visibly striking emails that get your brand noticed.

If you’re looking for a team to work on your email design that fits around strict brand style guides, coded to your specifications, and provide a high level of support and customer service, then we’re the guys to call.

Mobile responsive design – always

A recent report from MoveableInk shows that now over 66% of your audience read their emails on their mobile device, not a desktop. Every email we create is mobile responsive and bullet proof tested in all the popular devices and email clients.

Not sure? Check out this example of a mobile responsive email template


Desktop usage


Mobile usage

The power of modular frameworks

MailNinja build modular email templates. The main reason being, is that you have ultimate flexibility with your email template.

Modular templates are made up of a range of sections, either within one complete HTML file with code comments, or split into separate HTML files. This approach means you can simply swipe out the section you don’t want, duplicate the sections the wish to use more, and move all the elements around, enabling you to create unique emails every time.

To discover the flexibility and power of an email master kit, contact the experts today for a custom quote.

Read more about modular email design here

email template master kits

Some of our work

Here are some of the email designs we’ve worked on over the years