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Organise your email marketing.

Plan your email campaigns for free with our simple email marketing content calendar and planning tool. 

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Email campaign content calendar and planning tool

Campaign planning, inspired by humans

It hit us like a brick. If you were having a meeting to discuss the creation of a new email campaign, you wouldn’t sit silently in a room and all present USB sticks with files and copy, you’d all gather round and have a chat.

That’s why we designed MailNinja to work in the way humans work – through conversation and feedback.

Email campaign content planner

MailNinja empowers you to take back control, by giving you instant visibility of your email marketing.

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Plan your email campaigns - email marketing strategy
Email marketing content calendar

Plan your email campaigns with ease.

We give you the tools to map out and plan your upcoming email campaigns in an easy to use, drag and drop calendar.

Team collaboration software

Invite your team, collaborate and share ideas.

Invite members of your team, work together to create your next email campaign in a fast, simple way.

Team content collaboration tool
Organise your email campaigns in a calendar
Email content file manager - media assets

Gather content, store files and assign campaign assets.

Bring everything together – gather design assets and copy, discuss content strategy with your campaign manager.

MailNinja email marketing management service

Sit back and relax, let our team bring your ideas to life.

Our team of email marketing experts design, code, test and deploy your email campaigns.

MailNinja team manage your email marketing campaigns for you

Every feature in MailNinja

Up your email game. Give MailNinja a try.


Our super simple calendar allows you to view by week, month and year.


Invite your team members to your workspace, collaborate and discuss ideas.


When you pass emails to us, you can get a timeline view of the status of your email.


Upload your files and images, ready for use in your email campaigns.


Invite us to join your conversations, and pass campaign briefs to our team to manage your emails for you.


Fast-tracks, resends, training sessions, templates and much more. Check our pricing page

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Is MailNinja right for me?

Ok, let me ask you… Do you send email campaigns? If so, then yes it is. MailNinja is designed to be a super-simple, easy to use campaign planning and content curation tool specifically for email.

Is it really free?

Yes it is. If you sign up to MailNinja right now you will get your account for free, forever. We will be introducing premium powerups, both services and product upgrades, in the coming weeks and months.

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