Meet your new email marketing department

A flexible, scalable email department made up of highly skilled email professionals, working together to transform your email marketing.

The strategy management team

Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced solution, basic campaign management, or mentoring and training, our team of email specialists are on hand to help you.

MailNinja is made up of strategycreative, development and deployment teams, who work together to help you achieve your goals.


Your dedicated Strategy Manager will work across all teams to ensure each email we send is aligned to your goals.

Conduct an audit of your current email program and advise on key improvement areas
To kick things off, your dedicated strategy manager will conduct an audit of your email program and email platform, to review previous campaigns, templates, list setup, and automation workflows.

Work with you to define KPI benchmarks and high-level goals
One of the foundations for benchmarking success is to define and set realistic and KPIs for your open and click rates. Your strategy manager will analyse ongoing success against these benchmarks and feed these back to you.

Monitor email channel success and high-level ROI
Beyond the results of your individual email campaigns, is how email as a marketing channel is performing for you. We will regularly discuss this with you to help understand the impact of our service offering on the bigger picture.

Track seasonal hotspots, and create a roadmap for your future campaigns
Whatever industry or vertical you are in, there will be seasonal and key promotional opportunities we track. On top of this, we also work with you to understand your business to ensure we never miss an opportunity.

Advise on themes and content for your emails and campaigns
One of the key benefits of working with a team of email specialists is that we have a wealth of experience and expertise, and understand what works and why. Our strategy team will help you map out themes and content for your emails and campaigns as far in advance as possible.

Discuss and lead A/B testing criteria for your emails
During the first 6 months of your plan, we conduct A/B split tests for every email we send. We can learn a lot about your company and brand from you, and we can advise based on experience and expertise, however, every audience is unique, and therefore respond differently to variants in language, colour, imagery and send time.


Each day, the entire team gather in our daily huddles to brainstorm campaigns we’re working on. As a team, we use whiteboards to wireframe and concept designs.

From here, the Creative Team will work together to create amazing emails that fit around your brand identity and campaign goals.

Set up a creative brief per email, detailing design spec, direction and CTAs
For every email we produce for you, we start with a brief. This contains high-level details such as theme, purpose, goals and objectives, as well as more granular information like the tone of voice and influential language patterns to help drive results.

Discuss design concepts with you, aligned to campaign goals
Once a brief has been submitted, we move to ideation of design concepts. Before we begin design on an actual computer, we have a team huddle around a good old-fashioned whiteboard to draw layout options and discuss design elements that need to be produced.

Wireframe and prototype design layouts for your approval
Once we understand your goals, know the theme, and have created a brief and concept for your email, we can create a prototype for your email. This is done using Adobe XD, a new prototyping tool, for both desktop and mobiles.

Design your emails around your brand guidelines and assets
We fully understand that your brand identity is how you project your company, vision and personality to the world. We create an archive of your brand assets to ensure we use your approved imagery, custom fonts and colour hex codes as well as create layouts that align with your brand identity.

Design unique content for mobile and desktop devices
How people read content on mobile devices is different from desktops. With this in mind, we design exclusively for both desktop and mobile. Key focus areas for mobile optimisation include mobile-specific banner designs, font sizing and button dimensions.

Live test design prototypes on mobile devices in our testing lab
Live device testing is most commonly conducted at the development stage, but we also test designs on mobile devices too. This is an important step, as we can get a real-world view of how your email will look on mobiles before we move to development.


Under the bonnet of every great email is our expertly crafted bulletproof code. Our HTML specialists will hand-build, optimise and code your emails to make sure they perform across a wide variety of email clients and platforms.

Build an email template kit using the latest HTML and CSS technologies
Before we begin production of your emails or automation sequences, we first create a master template. This gives us a flexible layout template, speeding up production of your emails. Of course, if need be, we will always custom code elements on the fly around the design of your email.

Ensure your emails are optimised and accessible for mobile devices
Mobile optimisation and accessibility is vital for driving clicks through to your desired destination. We ensure all images are retina-ready and hyperlinked, and all buttons are full width, fat and obvious.

Test your emails across the most popular email clients
To ensure your email not only looks great but also works across the top email clients, we conduct tests using Email on Acid’s virtual testing system.

Live test your emails on mobile and desktop devices in our testing lab
Virtual testing is an essential stage in testing your email on more than 70 clients and devices, but we also conduct in-house tests on PC, Mac, Android and iPhones, on a wide variety of email clients on each device.


Our deployment team will work closely with your Strategy Manager to help turn your goals into effective email campaigns, then liaise directly with the creative and development teams to ensure your emails are eye-catching and functional.

Create and manage your campaign content calendar
As part of MailNinja managing your email marketing, is the full management of a content calendar. Using our proprietary software ‘Dojo’, your assigned campaign coordinator will input upcoming campaigns and emails as far in advance as possible. This calendar is shared with you and is accessible at any time. You can even submit your own briefs online.

Work with you to create and curate content for your emails
Your campaign coordinator will work with you to gather assets for your upcoming emails. They will curate copy, imagery, links and any other info needed, and fill in the blanks where needed, writing snippets of copy and royalty-free sourcing imagery.

Spell-check, proof and condense your copy
Writing copy designed specifically for email isn’t so much a dark art, but a unique skill. Your campaign coordinator will work with you to ensure your copy is concise and direct, and broken up into smaller chunks, making it easier for your readers to digest.

Create custom banners and graphics for your emails
For every email, we create custom banners and graphics around your brand and campaign theme. For our Basic clients, this is a simple banner in your email header, for our Pro clients we don’t limit our creativity – every element with your email is custom designed to meet the specific emails objectives.

Ensure your emails are quality assurance checked
At each stage of deployment, we run your email through a rigorous pre-send checklist. This includes, but isn’t limited to; code size and validation, hyperlink testing, image pixelation, the spacing in between content, mobile rendering, spell and grammar checks, and personalisation tests.

Run spam checks to ensure inbox placement
Post-GDPR, email deliverability is a hot topic. Our tests include testing on a campaign-level such as running spam tests and proofing copy for spammy words that are known to get caught in junk folders. However, we also take a deeper dive and look at your sending domain to see if you are listed on any blacklists and whether your domain is authenticated, helping to reach inboxes.

Set up multivariate tests
A/B split testing is a key part of detecting what works and why, helping your strategy manager to advise and plan further tests, however as well as a key learning objective, split testing can have a massive impact on the success of your campaign. Mostly we look at subject lines, but other areas we look at are sending times and content variables such as button colours, CTA copy and headings.

Advise on subject lines and preview text
Content tends to be the key factor for driving click-throughs, however, open rates are mostly affected by send times and subject lines. Our entire team contribute ideas for your subject lines and regularly compete to be the winner.

Send your campaigns at peak time, for maximum impact
An important part of the early stages of our working relationship is testing. Both automated split tests, and manual testing. We’ve been sending emails for over 13 years, and although we know what works and why, every audience is unique, therefore we want to conduct manual tests across a number of weeks to see what works exclusively for you.


Collaboration is in our DNA. Our strategy, creative, development and deployment teams come together to meet your needs.

Here are some of the ways we showcase results and provide useful insights for you.

We look at the bigger picture by analysing areas of influence
By taking a step back and reviewing your business goals and email channel success criteria, our strategy team can better advise you on areas for improvement and opportunity. Setting goals and KPI benchmarks we can create a clear path to reach your desired outcomes.

Chair monthly strategy calls with you to discuss results and insights
On a monthly basis, at a day and time that suits you, your dedicated strategy manager will have a call with you to run through the results from your emails and campaigns, advise on areas for improvement, and plan for your upcoming campaigns.

Conduct a quarterly review of your email program
Each quarter your strategy manager will arrange a call, or face-to-face meeting, with you to look at the bigger picture; what’s working, what’s not, results, sales and return on investment from your email marketing service plan.

Track your competitors and provide insights
Using MailCharts we will follow up to three of your competitors to analyse content and send frequency. We will share our findings with you at regular intervals, and inform you of any insights and trends we find, to help evolve and shape your own email program.

Provide support and strategic advice at every stage
One of the key benefits of working with a team of email specialists is access to our years of expertise on demand when you need it most. We also have a wealth of experience on various email platforms and can offer a higher level of technical and best practice support they don’t offer.

Our service plans are tailored to suit your goals and business needs.
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