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Email newsletters are dead

Before I hear screams from every email marketer across the land, let me explain my point. When I refer to email newsletters, I refer...
1 min read

Email design trends in 2019

The famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy once said; “If you want to do something, do it well. If you can’t or do not want...
1 min read

We’re Mailchimp Partners!

Since we launched MailNinja back in 2005, we’ve been steadily growing year on year, and this is in part down to our relationship with...
33 sec read

UX design for email

In 2019, UX is a buzzword. In short, it’s something that creative trendy types like to put on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs to...
1 min read

Introducing our email testing device lab

I thought i’d share some inner circle stuff with you today. In this article i’m talking about our testing process. To kick this off,...
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