Email SEO

As email gets dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century, we’re likely to see some advancements in the capabilities and potential of its...
Doug Dennison
23 sec read

NEW: Mailchimp does more than just email!

Mailchimp has expanded to an all-in-one marketing platform for Small businesses – and that’s a very good thing! “Our customers have big aspirations, but...
Tom Ferris
1 min read

Friendly from names

Scan over your inbox and check for friendly from names, friendly email addresses and just a touch of personality. You’ll probably find that there...
Phil Bacon
2 min read

Mailchimp and Shopify: What it ACTUALLY means

You’ve probably heard that Mailchimp’s integration with Shopify is going away, you’ve also probably heard that you need to find a new email marketing...
Harriet Holland
48 sec read

The Pendulum Will Swing for GIFs

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails We are on track to abusing the number of GIFs in an email. Brace yourself...
Doug Dennison
27 sec read

True Preference Selection

In a similar way to content being made up of fully customised and personalised snippets, I also see this content being served up to...
Doug Dennison
29 sec read

Text in Images Will (Almost) Go Away

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails Baking text into an image has a lot of negative outcomes. It doesn’t scale well....
Doug Dennison
21 sec read

Enter JavaScript

Eventually, JavaScript will enter the fold. With the introduction of JS will come advancements in email coding functionality, giving email a resurgence. At the...
Doug Dennison
21 sec read

Video in Email – Finally

Video in email has long been a wish for most marketers, and even to this day I explain at least once a week that...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read

Introducing our email testing device lab

I thought i’d share some inner circle stuff with you today. In this article i’m talking about our testing process. To kick this off,...
Doug Dennison
1 min read