AMP for Email Will Die on the Vine

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails Despite how much we love the concept of AMP, it only benefits Gmail users. Because...
Doug Dennison
35 sec read

Email SEO

As email gets dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century, we’re likely to see some advancements in the capabilities and potential of its...
Doug Dennison
23 sec read

Email Whois

In Mailchimp, it’s essential to verify you own the domain you’re sending from, for example before you can send an email from @yourdomain.com you...
Doug Dennison
34 sec read

Machine Learning Will Be the Next Step for Personalisation & Targeting

by Mike Nelson and Matthew Smith Really Good Emails Robots will take our jobs eventually, but emailers will still control the inputs even when...
Doug Dennison
27 sec read

Abuse Prevention

Most ESPs will have an abuse prevention system, Mailchimp have Omnivore, which scans your list for people who could potentially be a high-risk to...
Doug Dennison
36 sec read

Keeping your lists ETHICAL

It would seem, even almost a year on from the GDPR legislation coming into full effect (and the years of build up to it),...
Phil Bacon
2 min read

GDPR on Steroids

GDPR has now settled in, and the flood of emails have started to slip back through. The fear of being sued seems to have...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read

Email Marketing Automation: the Next Evolutionary Step

by Isadora Welby Marketing Executive, Phrasee Of all the tools and strategies that have evolved to meet the unique needs of the email marketing...
Doug Dennison
1 min read

Affiliate Marketing

Most ESPs now prohibit the user of their platform from affiliate marketing, in Mailchimp’s case suggesting ‘affiliate marketers are generating business for someone else,...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read

In-email Purchasing

As an email marketing agency, getting results for our clients is at the heart of everything we do, and like most businesses this takes...
Doug Dennison
38 sec read