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GDPR on Steroids

GDPR has now settled in, and the flood of emails have started to slip back through. The fear of being sued seems to have...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read

Email Marketing Automation: the Next Evolutionary Step

by Isadora Welby Marketing Executive, Phrasee Of all the tools and strategies that have evolved to meet the unique needs of the email marketing...
Doug Dennison
1 min read

Affiliate Marketing

Most ESPs now prohibit the user of their platform from affiliate marketing, in Mailchimp’s case suggesting ‘affiliate marketers are generating business for someone else,...
Doug Dennison
25 sec read

In-email Purchasing

As an email marketing agency, getting results for our clients is at the heart of everything we do, and like most businesses this takes...
Doug Dennison
38 sec read

Inside Mailchimp HQ

Every so often, Mailchimp allows a select few people into their creative space, just for a few days, to explore their offices, gain valuable...
Doug Dennison
3 min read

Email Monetisation

Solus emails are fairly popular amongst local communities, usually local directories and news outlets allow businesses to place full-page advertorials within an email campaign...
Doug Dennison
37 sec read

Real-time Messaging

by Karl Reynolds Growth Marketing, Sleeknote The spread of real-time messaging has changed the way in which we digitally interact with each other, with...
Doug Dennison
20 sec read

Friendly from names

Scan over your inbox and check for friendly from names, friendly email addresses and just a touch of personality. You’ll probably find that there...
Phil Bacon
2 min read

AI and Predicted Machine Learning

At some stage in the not-so-distant future, I predict that AI will become smarter, and be able to accurately predict actions before they happen....
Doug Dennison
34 sec read

Mailchimp and Shopify: What it ACTUALLY means

You’ve probably heard that Mailchimp’s integration with Shopify is going away, you’ve also probably heard that you need to find a new email marketing...
Harriet Holland
48 sec read